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Absent Friends

At our 30th Reunion in 2007, we drank a toast to absent friends. Below is a list of those no longer among us, but always with us.

We would like to eventually make a dedicated page for each name. If you'd like to offer some memorabilia or write some words or anecdotes please or

jb shimer quilt
Andy Bleiberg
Jacques Burdick
William "Bill" Burdick
Brad Burns
John "JB" Byrne
Michael Cichetti
Caris Corfman
An Cusack
Stephen Falat
Stefan Fitterman
Joel Gersmann
Joel Harvey
Fred Ivory
Bill Lamb
Jonathan Larson
Richard Lollo
Ralph Madero
Bill Maloney
Marie Donet Miller
Nancy Miller
Michael Pistone
Wesley Robinson
Claude Sacramone
Martha Schlamme
Jamie Seguin
Jim Shimer
Kim Welsh

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