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Fond Regards

Several people really wanted to come to the reunion, but for various reasons were unable. Many sent very nice notes to John sending their regrets and fond regards. We share some of these with you here.

Many included contact and Web site info, but we didn't include it here for security reasons. You can find it, however in the address book.

From Susan Joseph Kientz
From Tony & Rose Izzo
From Mary Dino and Scott Bloom
From Andy Corwin
From: Erika Stadtlander re: Chris Trotter & Megan Stone
From Jo-Ann Bruggemann
From Scott Mallalieu
From Helen Murdock-Prep
From Nellie O'Brien
Pat Filupeit Hoffmann
From Deb Acquavella
From the Family Cusack
From Dolores Miller
From Andy Bleiberg
Steve Villano

From Susan Joseph Kientz:

In a message dated 10/1/2007 6:24:31 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time

I have good news and bad news. The bad news is, I will not be able to come and see everyone on Saturday :(.
The good news is, however, that both nominations of Bill's (re: Gerth and Norton) were absolutely correct!

Have a great time Saturday. See you next reunion, or come out to CA and see me!

Sue (Joseph) Kientz

From Tony & Rose Izzo:

Hi John,

I appreciate being on your contact list and wish I could be there to participate in the revelry. I have so many fun and warm memories from my Adelphi stint and can't believe it was 30 years ago.Those years seem to melt away at these get-togethers. Your attendee list looks great, you guys are going to have a wonderful time. Please extend my warmest regards to all.

My neice is getting married and her future inlaws are holding a grand engagement party in New Hampshire (since many of their number are elerly and won't be able to attend the actual wedding in NY) and we promised to attend back when the date was floating. When the date docked, it tied up to the same weekend.

Rose and I will be thinking of you all, please keep us on your list for next time. If you end up with pix from the evening, anecdotes, etc. that can be emailed, please include us in the mailings.
Our love to all,
Tony & Rose

From Mary Dino & Scott Bloom:

Dear John and All:

Scott and I are so sorry we cannot make this Reunion ... we have a long-standing out-of-town commitment that weekend, and would have loved to have join you all.

Scott and I have remained very dear friends with Jacques over the years, individually and as a couple, and he is the central figure in our getting together in 1995, 15 years after graduation. Here's a brief synopsis of the last 27 years:

After graduating in '80, I worked with Bond Street Theatre until about 1992. It was a wonderful time, performing all over the place and creating/running an artists' colony. I even became one of the premiere stilt dancers in NYC! I tried to develop a career in the legit world until about 95, and with little success eventually felt the need to move on. In '81 after graduation, Scott appeared in off-Broadway plays, commercials and did voice-over work. He later created a theatre company called Actors Theatre of Manhattan, which lasted about five years. In 1988, Scott went to get his MSW at NYU, graduated in '90 and became an excellent child therapist; he went on to recieve advanced training in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. He and a number of colleagues formed the Relationships Lab, a forum for critical thinking and exploring the human condition. He is now the Director for School Mental Health for New York City.

In 1992 I was talking with Jacques about wanting to become a child therapist and he suggested I call Scott, which I did. We spent three years becoming friends and started dating in 1995. In '95 I also started going to NYU - I got my MSW in '97, and now am a child and adolescent therapist, and work as an administrator for a new initiative in treating traumatized foster children. (I still do circus skills performing at special events to make "extra" money!). We moved way uptown in 1996, got married in 1998, and had a beautiful daughter named Sophia in 2001. She is 6 1/2 years old, and her middle name is Jacqueline in honor of you-know-who (there is a picture of the three of us attached). Extra note: We got married at the Nicholas Roerich Museum on W. 107th Street, where William and Daniel lived (actually, Daniel is still there -- he is the Director of the Museum). We visited there frequently to see William and Daniel, and the work of Roerich is dear to my heart. Jacques co-celebrated our wedding on the second floor. Beautiful symmetry all around!

We have lost touch with most Adelphians over the years. We see Danny Kagan once in a while as he is best friends with a friend of mine from our neighborhood. We of course keep in touch with Jacques, and hear tales about others through him. Scott and I both have a lot of memories of our days at Adelphi, and of the array of classmates, teachers and productions. I for one wish I had better understood then the preciousness of those four years. It is hard to believe it was 27 years ago!

Thanks to all the committee members for putting this wonderful event together. Count me in for a copy of the reunion book, and hope there will be another gathering before too long. Please feel free to put our contact info in the book. I'd love to see the outcome of the Burdick Awards!

Best to everyone,

Mary Dino and Scott Bloom

From Andy Corwin:

Dear John, I am soooo bummed that I can't be there (but I've told you that already). Please give everyone a hug for me.

Hey, I was wondering, could I participate in the trivia contest by phone? Let me know (It'll be three hours earlier where I'll be - - California - - I'll probably be in my car driving).

And, do you want me to donate some memoribilia? I've got quite a few old posters and programs --- I also have several 8X10s taken by Bill (...can't remember his last name --- you know, the guy who taught Theatre business stuff...) anyway, you know, him...

Anyway, I remember being at Adelphi about 10 or 12 years ago & they were about to throw out all these pictures --- so I took them... Tell you what, I'll scan a few of them later tonight (if I don't run out of steam first) and send you another eMail with attachments.

I am going to be in the NY vicinity about two weeks later - - around the 19th/20th... maybe we can visit then (I was planning on calling Nick, too).

In any event, I hope you all (or, as we say down here in Texas, "all y'all") have a wonderful reunion. I'll be there in spirit!


Also from Andy:

Hi Everybody,

For everybody who might be interested in tuning in, I'm going to be interviewed on Air America Radio tomorrow. The topic I'm going to be discussing is: The plot to overthrow FDR (in 1934) and the role played by General Smedley D. Butler in thwarting this right wing scheme. Some of you may remember that I made a documentary in 1999 (for The History Channel) on this subject.

I'll be appearing on The Thom Hartmann show at 2:00 P.M. Eastern Time (1:00 CST, 12:00 Mountain time and 11:00 A.M. on The West Coast). If you're in Los Angeles, you can hear the show on KTLK 1150 AM. For those of you who don't get Air America on your radio dial, you can hear the show on the internet (go to & click on "Listen Live".

If you do listen in, please drop me an eMail with your feedback.

On a completely un-related topic (for those of you in Austin):

The Limeliters will be appearing at The Cactus Cafe on MONDAY, Sept. 17th. (I may have told some of you that we were scheduled to play on Sunday the 16th... It got changed. Now, thankfully, we won't have to compete against Bob Dylan for an audience. Whew!)

If anyone is interested in checking out our schedule of upcoming performances, please visit our website at

Best regards,


Erika Stadtlander re: Chris Trotter & Megan Stone:

Dear John,
I imagine they contacted you, but...
Chris Trotter cannot make it to town,
and sadly, Megan's mom died and the funeral is October 6th.

From Jo-Ann Bruggemann:

Dear All,

I am so sorry that I will not now be able to see everyone and participate in this glorious Adelphi Reunion, as I need to choreograph and film a dance for my daughter this Saturday all day(it is the only time we can get a studio) - it is for her application to attend NYU's undergraduate film program and is very important to her.

Have a great afternoon and enjoy each other - I will miss you!

Love - Jo-Ann Bruggemann
P.S. - John - you did a great job!

From Scott Mallalieu:


I’ve been out of town with the marketing folks from A Catered Affair - so I’m sorry if I didn’t respond.

I have a previous commitment – but would love to catch up with you one of these days.

Let me know


Scott Mallalieu, President/ Owner
Group Sales Box Office |

From Helen Murdock-Prep:

Hi, everyone,

I'm so sorry I won't be there with all of you but I'm going to another reunion out the island. I would have loved to see you all to reminisce and share tons of laughs! Kerry will be there, though, to catch everyone up on what's going on in our lives. As many of you already know, our daughter Molly was diagnosed with leukemia at age 7. She's 12 now, and after enduring 2 1/2 years of chemotherapy, is in remission and doing great! I'm mostly letting anyone who didn't know have a heads up about this, so they're not shocked or afraid to ask Kerry how she is doing. She is well, so we are well! I'll send photos via my handsome man. Thank you forever to those who were there and helped us through such a difficult time: Erika (I miss you!), Jill Saret (I know I owe you a call!) Regina, Nick , Jacques and Maggie, Nellie and Jill L. Special love to the members of my class: Megan, Kevin, Claire, Beth, Jill, Carol, Leslie and An Cusack (Hey-- she is an honorary member of ALL our classes! What would we have done without her?!) I'd love to hear from you guys and can be reached at: .

Kerry and I will be celebrating our 25th Wedding Anniversary in two weeks, and we can't help but remember where it all started-- there, amongst all of you, at Adelphi!!! Much love to all of you!

Love, Helen

From Nellie O'Brien:

HI, Johnny.

well, I have some good/bad news. The good news is that I just booked a great job in Chicago for Saturday morning. The bad news is, of course, that I won't make the BBQ after all. I will be getting into La Guardia (provided there are no delays) around six-ish so I plan to go straight from there to the Cabaret where I'll meet up with my fella and hopefully with all of you.
Can you let me know where exactly the cabaret will be? Is it in the same old Rathskellar?
Meanwhile, give my best to everyone and keep my check to buy yourself a couple of drinks for all your hard work.

Have a great time. I'm so sorry to miss it but look forward to the cabaret.



From Pat Filupeit Hoffman:

From: Patricia Hoffman
Date: October 6, 2007 7:35:01 AM EDT
Subject: Adelphi Reunion Today

Hi, John...I am so sorry for this notice, but John and I will be unable to attend today's reunion!

We are lunatics with our 3 Curves clubs, I am now also an Area Director for Curves International; we are preparing to sell our home (bad timing, right?); -- all in all, it's difficult for me to get to the city today....please give my regards to all -- and keep me posted on future events -- I'm happy to be included in the loop!

My very best to all....

Patricia Hoffman

From Deb Acquavella:

hello all!

i was forwarded your email by carol buonincontri--- i would LOVE to join you but will be in singapore, of all places, on the 6th. in addition to that, i just moved to boston to teach at emerson college. i needed a break from stage managing and maybe a weekend or two off!

kate... i have thought of you often throughout these years... i'd love to catch up, somehow! my cell is in the address book if she wants it to be, or we can just start online.

man, i sure would have loved to have seen the cabaret on top of it all, too.

have a really GREAT reunion! i'll be there next time so keep me in the loop.

all best,


From the Family Cusack:

Hi John -

My mother is not "connected" computer. No cell phone. Otherwise, she's still the same as she was. She is aware of the reunion, I don't think she would come into the city, but we might be able to convince her to drop over to campus for the cabaret (at least to visit, not necessarily for the whole show).....if you're still planning that part of it. That is probably the only part Regina and I would be able to get to too....we have four kids (Gabriel, 11, and Anastasia, Maria, and Iliana, age 8 [almost nine]...yes, triplets...all natural, no medical intervention) and a trip into the city for the night is probably not a possibility, but a trip to Garden City to see Grandma....maybe....and then we could leave them there with my brother while we two, and maybe my mother, come over for the cabaret.

Anyway, good luck and love to all.....maybe we will be able to make it to AU Cabaret in October.

Til then(?)

Jim Cusack

From Dolores Miller:


My child is 22 years old and is in his 5th year of college.Will graduate in the spring. He is definitely not as wild as I was at that age, thank goodness! He is a musician and started out wanting to be a high school music teacher. However, he is now in Communications (whatever that means) with a minor in music. He is a great "kid" and is the best thing that ever happened to me. I also have a "stepson" who is 20. His dad and I have been together for 14 years now and things are going great. I have never been married and never plan to be.
Hope all is well with you!


From Andy Bleiberg


Got the latest info from John Kudan, and passed along the appropriate details to Denise, just in case.

I will NOT be able to attend, as I shall be in upper Westchester, along with various other members of my family normally scattered along the East Coast, spending time with my folks in honor of my mom's 75th birthday, and wishing them well as they prepare, yet again, to move to Florida for 6 months.


From Steve Villano

6 July 2007


Thank you so much for being a part of the group that’s organizing the reunion. I would really love to attend. Unfortunately, I live in Texas and it will be hard to get there in October (we had previously planned a trip for Thanksgiving week). Please keep me up to date with school news. If it were possible, I’d love to get some type of email newsletter that gives some information on everyone. That would be real cool. I would help coordinate if you thought it was possible. Would you be able to give me the home address of Karen Baer? If not, could you contact her and give her my email address?

Take care,



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