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Andy 1970s
Andy Bleiberg in the day

Delphian writer Barbara Dempsey certainly “got” Andy in her March 1974 review of Keep Your Pantheon: “The whole cast was pure dynamite, but Andy was great; no, he was better – he was certifiable. He was perfect as, in his own words, ‘slave, eunuch and soldier, depending on the scene and where I’m needed.’”

He was also perfect as trusted friend, generous soul, multi-talented genius and an eccentric’s eccentric, in a community where eccentricity is valued.

Andy’s passing led to an outpouring of thoughts and memories from the Theatre Adelphi family. Here are some excerpts from the massive email chain.


Andy 2007
Stolen from the archives of
A the Adelphian, March 1974
Delphian 74
ARB Retrospective from
The Family Electric Theater

(1976-1977) on WBAI,
compiled by Andy Corwin
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Andy in 2007

Andy's Final Montage
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