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Claude Sacramone
Claude Sacramone

This remembrance is from John Cannizzaro:

I first met Claude back in 1972. Claude appeared at the Little Theatre while Jacques was working on "Tis Pity She's A Whore", which was his first show back after his sabbatical at Yale. I sort of remember that Claude had helped Jacques with the set design. The next time I met him I was at Nick Petron's 3rd floor apt on 13th St. I had helped Nick build a book case unit for the apartment and had it wedged in the opening of the apartment door. This guy comes up to me and through the book case, hands me 2-half gallon bottles of Canadian Ace beer and squeezes through the wedged book case. Once on the other side, he took back the beer and said thanks and walked into the apartment as if it was a normal occurrence to squeeze through a book case when entering an apartment. Well, I just followed the beer. After laughing all night long, we all ( Nick, Claude, Don Paret and I) removed the book case and went our merry ways. (read the rest of the remembrance)

John Sharon Claude
John, Sharon & Claude
Claude in High School

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