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An in her kitchen

Anastasia ("An") Cusack, Secretary of the Adelphi Theatre Department from 1972 through 1988, passed away on February 18, 2017 in Middletown Connecticut, aged 94.

She was mother of James (Jim Cusack, Theatre Adelphi class of 1978) and Robert. She was mother-in-Law of Regina Mercedez (Theatre Adelphi class of 1982) and grandmother of Gabriel, Anastasia, Maria, and Iliana Cusack-Mercedez.

She was also surrogate mother, advisor, confidante, and friend of Theatre Adelphi students and faculty for the first 16 years of the Department.

She was all of those those things and more. Add the average actor's emotional... delicacy, to our inabitlity to deal with the bureaucratic necessities of college and department life and there was An to see us through.

She always struck the perfect balance. And she always forgave us, or at least looked the other way from, our sins.

Cusacks at the Triplets' Graduation
Andy, grandkids & Regina


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