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Jacques Burdick in 1990

A Poetic Tribute from John Kudan
Leore Riven's Slideshow Memories
John's Video Montage of Theatre Adelphi '77

Back home in Texas they called him Jack.

It was a moniker so at odds with the image he had so carefully crafted that he couldn’t help laughing that “boff!” laugh whenever he said it.

When asked about his distinctive speaking style he called it “pure affectation." It was, in fact, a habit he acquired as a young man in Paris, seeking employment as a teacher of English, a job which required the applicant to be free of regional accent.

That was only one of many roles mastered in a long career devoted to the theatre. Teacher, director, artist, cook, author, academician, administrator, friend, mime, mentor, and gleeful agitator were among other parts he brought indelibly to life.

More than a man of the theatre, he was dedicated to fostering and developing the theatre's future generations. And even those of us who eventually followed different career paths still carry within the actor that he trained.

He was a force of nature. He was Jacques.

If I could seize on the right opportunity... I would say it better.

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Jacques & Bill 1927
Jacques 1939
Jacques making a point
Jacques & Bill 1927
Jacques 1939.
Pick it up, people.
Jacques in class
Loudly sing cuckoo. I'm serious.
It's not a dress. It's an Old Vic Skirt.
The Jabberwock was this big.

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