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Jamie sequin

Jamie Seguin:

Bordering on the edge of insanity. Out there. Flamboyant. Wildly imaginative. These adjectives describe Jamie. Surprisingly, though, he harbored a deep melancholia. He loved intensely, played enthusiastically, and worked at his craft tirelessly. Fiercely loyal, he bonded with friends for life. The dichotomy-- his outwardly fiendish penchant for fun and his inwardly somber heart-- made him a wonder to befriend. Knowing Jamie was never boring....

He graduated from Adelphi University in 1976 and immediately went to Penn State University for graduate studies in theatrical costume design. He was accepted into the program despite the fact he couldn't draw. Fellow artists saw past that fact and got caught up in his primitive but promising wardrobe sketches. His professors sensed his innate artistry. The world of fashion had always fascinated him. Having graduated from Penn in 1979, he returned to his roots and helped run Adelphi's costume department.

On stage, audiences found Jamie hilarious. Unfortunately, he would have them in stitches while performing a deadly serious dramatic role-- which brought him brief consternation, until he learned to enjoy the unsought laughter, too.

Jamie was put on probation at Adelphi for "streaking" through the Olmsted Theatre with two friends while a rehearsal was being conducted. He passed his Psychology 101 final by convincing the teacher that, though he did indeed train his parrot to say "psychology," the bird died shortly before his project was due. Jamie never owned a parrot. He did own every album Barbra Streisand ever recorded.

Here's to the guy with "joie de vivre!"

Mark Hamlet


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