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Jim Shimer
Shimer Back in the day.

We first met him as JIm, but soon he was just Shimer. Jean Bertuccelli offered the following rememberance:

Yes, despite once having longed to be a chorus dancer, Shimer moved to New York and worked freelance on various professional costume assignments.

His primary work was as an agent. He started with Peggy Hadley and then settled in with an English fellow - Lionel Larner (I think that was his name). Gosh where is my memory.

Eventually he moved out to California, working for another talent agency in the Los Angeles area. He was known in the business as being fair and kind - a talent in that capacity if there ever was one. He was invested in his work and nothing pleased him more than to see actors he respected getting work.

I remember him best as a true blue friend who was always there for a laugh or to hold your hand. I called him when my mom died and he got in his car that night driving straight through from Maryland to Yorktown Heights just to support me. He was a good man. I miss him.

Shimer's Panel of th Aids Quilt

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