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A Note About John's Note

A lot of the memorabilia on this site comes from the personal collection of John Kudan. John is a passionate collector of things theatrical, with a special emphasis on Theatre Adelphi. Perhaps the note below will explain, in part, this actor's ongoing affection for our program and his classmates. It has been my special pleasure to work with John on this Web site.

Dave Caras

Kudan's calves A Note from the Curator

The day before classes began, freshman year 1973, I was doubled over in pain due to this horrible, relentless anxiety attack. I literally could not stand erect as I attempted to “check out” the campus. I hadn’t met my roommate yet but knew that his name was also John and he was on the Lacrosse team. I had not even heard of that sport and kept calling it Lacoste. All I could imagine was my inevitable humiliation when he would hang up his “Lacoste” uniform while I would hang up my leotard and tights.

During the summer of ’73 I received a letter from Theatre Adelphi that traumatized me. It included a list of things I would need to bring for my theatre classes which of course included: LEOTARDS & TIGHTS (I have blocked out the reaction I had to the Vic skirt----probably because I either fainted, or searched our home for a poison pill to ingest). There was a “dance supply” store in my home town: White Plains, NY. I exclaimed to my father, “I can’t go in there! I won’t go in there!” And then I begged,” Pleeeeeese call them for me.” And, kind soul that my father still is to his high strung son, he called the store. My father asked the lady who answered the phone, “Do you sell leotards and tights for men?” I could clearly hear her response through the receiver that my father was holding. She yelled across the store to another employee, “GET A LOAD OF THIS!!” HUMILIATING.

The following, however, is my main reason for writing this: After the first day of classes, having been with my fellow theatre majors from 8 AM to 4 PM, we all sat together at dinner in Post Hall and I will NEVER forget that warm feeling of being with people who had similar interests, who instantly connected, and who felt like family. It was an amazing bond that happened quite naturally----the likes of which I had never before experienced. I vividly remember being devastated when we were separated for the first time, during that short Thanksgiving holiday which seemed like an eternity to me. That is why this 30th year reunion was personally so important, and I am so glad that I can still call you my friends.

Thank you,

John Kudan

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