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Here are some links to Web sites that might be of interest to our classmates. If you have a link you'd like us to add, please .

John Kudan's Web site

Janice's Antique Mall in Sherman Oaks

Charlie & Dave's film Found Money

Mark Hamlet's Web Site

Dave Caras' PR Firm

Andy Corwin and the Limeliters

Janis Brenner & Dancers Dance Company

Send a Preppygram with Kerry Prep

Kerry Prep's Blog

Patrick Sciarratta's Vinculum Foundation Website

Jonathan Larson Performing Arts Foundation

Olgalyn Jolly's music group Silicon Soul

Sue Joseph Kientz' LA Biker Babe Site

Joe Raiola's Web site

Theatre at Adelphi

Dance at Adelphi

Owen Daly's Pillory Theater site

Bond Street Theatre Coalition

John's Theatre Adelphi '77 Video Montage

Hugh Scully on the Onion News Network

Hugh Scully in the play Schooling Giacomo

Mark Hamlet's Reel

John Kudan's Film-TV-Stage Work

John's Commercial Work

John Kudan as "Benny" in Psych Ward

Nick's Sundays at Rocco's on Story Corps

Nick's Sundays at Rocco's animation on PBS

Andy Bleiberg Audio Montages

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