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We're the Internet's number one site for circa 70s (early 80s) grads of Theatre Adelphi!

Here's a list of what's happening, about to happen, and, if we're lazy about updating the site, what's happened already. If you have news or an upcoming event, or and we'll post it. To Google Group Updates

Bill Lamb '77

Our friend and classmate Bill Lamb passed away on February 16, 2016 in Miami. As most of you know, Bill suffered for years from Parkinson's Disease.

I've added a page for Bill in the Absent Friends section. If anyone has memories or memorabilia to share, just let me know.

- Dave

An Cusack

I received this email from Jim Cusack, our classmate and son of An Cusack.

Anastasia ("An") Cusack, Secretary of the Adelphi Theatre Department from 1972 through 1988, passed away on February 18, 2017 in Middletown Connecticut, aged 94.

Mother of James (Theatre Adelphi class of 1978) and Robert, Mother-in-Law of Regina Mercedez (Theatre Adelphi class of 1982), grandmother of Gabriel, Anastasia, Maria, and Iliana Cusack-Mercedez, and surrogate mother/advisor/confidante/friend of Theatre Adelphi students and faculty for the first 16 years of the Department.

Here's An's page in the Absent Friends section.

Joel Harvey

Jim Cusack also came across this sad news while Googling old Adelphians. Joel Harvey passed away in August 2014 in Williamsburg, Virginia. Apparently the cause was Alzheimer's.

Most of you know that Joel left the theatre to pursue a career as an Epicopalian priest and theologian.

We've added a page for Joel in the Absent Friends section.

Google Groups Email Chain

John, Gretchen and I created a Google Group List. It's not like Facebook. It's only an email list. Just pop the group address in the email and it goes to everyone. You can manage your own membership, change your email, etc.

So when you get the invite, please respond. You won't be on the list unless you do.

Hope this works for everyone. Seemed a simple solution, though open to others.

If you didn't get an invite and I'll send you an invite.

--Dave Caras

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